Showdown Saturdays: Episode Seven

Showdown Saturdays: Episode Seven

The two best of each category are facing off in Episode Seven! Episode Eight, demigods will face gods while friends will take on the monsters!

Each Saturday gods, demigods, friends and monsters of the Percy Jackson world will face off until there is only one winner! View the bracket on the Showdown Saturdays page! Every Friday I will release the results from the previous Saturday’s voting. Now…

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The Sword, Part One by Neiges

The Sword, Part One by Neiges

Neiges is at it again with The Sword!

Part One

So it was a beautiful day at camp half-blood. The sun was shining, the air was warm, and Dionysus was giving out free hugs.

Nick, of course, wished it was snowing. Then it would be more beautiful. But Nick decided on something. See, a few weeks ago, James from Hades had humiliated him. He had beaten in three out of three swordfights. AND Nick had…

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Demigod Celebs, Part 99

Demigod Celebs, Part 99

99!! That means next week will be the 100th! Make sure to post your favorite celebrities in the comments to make it on the 100th list!

RD: From Wilfred: Wilfred son of Thalia | Ryan son of Maniae | Drew son of Nike

Hannah: Guilty Crown! That really good one with the terrible ending…: Shu, son of Zeus | Inori, daughter of Apollo | Gai, son of Zeus (I guess) | Ayase, daughter of Ares or Athena |…

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Capture the Flag: The Nike Alliance

Capture the Flag: The Nike Alliance

I don’t think this fanfiction is quite as good as the stories I did for PJM’s Capture the Flag segment, but I thought I’d post it! I hope all you demigods like it!

Chapter One

Capture the Flag was the favorite game of all the demigods at Camp Half-Blood. Tonight though, was going to be the biggest game yet. This was going to be the first game in nearly eight months. Preparation was moving…

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Your Heroes of Olympus Dreamcast: Khione

Your Heroes of Olympus Dreamcast: Khione

Each week, I’ll post a poll for each major character from Heroes of Olympus of which actor or actress you think would be best in the role. EgoTerreo chose most of the choices, but I added a few of my own or that I saw were popular online.

So far we have completed the Lost Hero trio and now we turn to the baddie, Khione! I will profile each actress first and give some pros (and maybe some cons) of…

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Meme Mondays, Part 32… The Last Meme Mondays For Now…

Meme Mondays, Part 32… The Last Meme Mondays For Now…

This is part 32 of Meme Mondays and all are from Jason except for the last one is from Hannah! This will be the last Meme Mondays, at least for now I go back to class today and won’t have the time to do Meme Mondays, but Demigod Celebrities, Showdown Saturdays, and Your Heroes of Olympus will continue as normal. Thanks, Jason, and to all who sent in their favorite memes!

Percy Jackson Memes (1)

Percy Jackson Memes (2)

Percy Jackson Memes (3)

Percy Jackson Memes (4)

Percy Jackson Meme

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Percy Jackson’s Birthday 2013

Percy Jackson’s Birthday 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo, it is August 18 once again and for us demigods, it is an important date to remember because it is the birthday of one of the best demigods ever born, Perseus “Percy” Jackson. (Oh, and it was also the day which ended Kronos in the Second Titan War.)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnyway, let me share to you how I celebrated Percy’s birthday last year. Well, it may seem just the common way of celebrating Percy’s birthday,…

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