Demigod Celebs, Part 103

Demigod Celebs, Part 103

This is part 103 of Demigod Celebrities!

musicluvr (Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena): From ABC Once Upon a Time…Emma Swan daughter of Mars or Athena, Regina Mills and Rumpelstiltskin children of Hectare, Prince Charming son of Zeus, Snow White daughter of Athena or Apollo Henry son of Hectate, Belle daughter of Athena and Hook son of Aphrodite or Posiedson…I will do more characters next week
Once Upon A Time


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Your Heroes of Olympus Dreamcast: Hazel Levesque

Your Heroes of Olympus Dreamcast: Hazel Levesque

Each week, I’ll post a poll for each major character from Heroes of Olympus of which actor or actress you think would be best in the role. EgoTerreo chose most of the choices, but I added a few of my own or that I saw were popular online.

This week we take a look at Octavian. I will profile each actor first and give some pros (and maybe some cons) of what I personally think. You can vote for your…

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Weekend Wishlist #6



“But this wasn’t the sea. This was the Mississippi, dead center of the USA. There was no Sea God here.” (PJO1: The Lightning Thief Chapter 13 page 211)

WW#6 Mississippi River (1)After dropping down from the Gateway Arch, Percy soon drowned in the Mississippi River. Well, actually, he did not drown, him being the son of Poseidon. In fact, this was where he received instructions from…

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The Trident Thief: Chapter Five by Emma

The Trident Thief: Chapter Five by Emma

Chapter Five of The Trident Thief by Emma!

The Big Three Chapter Five Selena

Hi, I am Selena daughter of Aphrodite. No, not Selena, the girl who betrayed the gods, but died trying to save them. I am regular old Selena Gonzales. I was named after my old sister, because she did great things and everyone thinks I will do great things, just because I have charmspeaking powers. Here I was on my first…

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The Trident Thief: Chapter Four by Emma

The Trident Thief: Chapter Four by Emma

Chapter Four of The Trident Thief by Emma is out! Read on!

The Big Three Chapter Four Taylor

‘Cling clang’ the sound of metal on metal woke me up. Just let me tell you, sleeping on a bus is very uncomfortable. Especially when it is stopping and starting every 10 minutes, and when people are talking very loudly. So I woke up and was not so shocked when I heard the clang noises, it was a bus. But I…

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The Trident Thief: Chapter Three by Emma

The Trident Thief: Chapter Three by Emma

Chapter Three is here of The Trident Thief by Emma! You’ll love what happens next!

The Big Three
Chapter Three

‘Swish, splosh,’ I woke to the sound of water. I opened my eyes to see Percy (my brother) standing in the corner. The Poseidon cabin was painted a green sea blue and was made with seashells; there were 4 bunk beds and a mini waterfall in the corner where he was standing. Percy…

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