This is Episode Three of Showdown Saturdays 2! Each Saturday gods, demigods, friends and monsters of the Percy Jackson world will face off until there is only one winner! View the bracket on the Showdown Saturdays page! You can also download an avatar to change your Gravatar or other social network profile pictures to cheer on your favorite contender. Every Friday I will release the results from the previous Saturday’s voting. Now vote below for your favorites!


Showdown Saturdays: Episode Three This is Episode Three of Showdown Saturdays 2! Each Saturday gods, demigods, friends and monsters of the Percy Jackson world will face off until there is only one winner!

Since this is the first one, I thought I would do an intro. For fun, I will write mock news articles Percy Jackson related. Parts of it will actually hold truth. If you have any suggestions for other articles or you would like to write an article for Half-Blood Times, let me know! Enjoy!

Is Athena’s Owl Really Wise?

The owl has been the goddess Athena’s sacred animal for years. The majestic bird is a symbol of wisdom on its own. Recently I have discovered the owl is being wrongly portrayed. Due to the large size of the owl’s eyes, there is not enough room in their heads for a large mind. An owl’s mind is small deeming them to not be the brightest animal in the vast kingdom. They are not as smart as geese, crows, or ravens. If an owl really is not wise and intelligent then why did Athena choose the owl for her symbol? Is Athena really a sham?

I was allowed to sit down with Athena and ask her a few questions.

“When did you choose your sacred animal?”

“Artemis had invited me to learn a couple of her battle strategies. I’ll never turn down the opportunity to learn more, so I met with her. As we walked and talked through the woods, I observed an owl hunting. They are cunning creatures. They are vigilant creatures with an amazing ability to see in the dark. They show such great discipline by being able to keep awake at night. That day I saw they were wise creatures. I bestowed the owl as my scared animal.”

“Some say that because an owl lacks great intelligence that you are simply a sham. How do you respond to this?”

“If I were to choose the smartest animal than I would have chosen a dolphin. But I was not about to pick one of Poseidon’s creatures. I want a creature that showed wisdom. Now having wisdom does not mean you are the smartest of your kind. Wisdom is a good sense of judgment in my opinion. The owl is now simply known for intelligence only because people associate the bird with me. I also chose the owl off of looks. They have an intense stare, don’t you think? I use that same glare to ward off unwanted boyfriends for my daughters such as those darn Poseidon kids.” Athena smiled with her last words.

“Does this mean you stand by your owl?”

“Yes. Brains are not everything and that’s even coming from me, young child. Owls might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but in their own way they show their great intelligence. We each show our intelligence in different ways.”

To put myself in Athena’s shoes, I set out to discover what she saw in an owl. Instead of searching for one out in the wild, I headed to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs to observe her sacred animal. Just by looking at them, I can see why my mom would choose an owl. They really do look wise with their all-seeing eyes. They are gorgeous birds. I see Athena is right. The owl might not be smart like other creatures, but they are truly wise in their own way.

Written by Rebecca King for Half-Blood Times


Hannah shared these four pictures with us of Athena’s owl and coin of which she got at the British Museum.  Hannah said, “Hey! Yesterday I bought these…and they reminded me of the pics Rick Riordan used when he read the first chapter of The Mark of Athena. The coin is actually the same.” They go perfectly with the book! What would be really cool is a book mark with a miniature Athena’s coin dangling from the ribbon. So if you’re hanging out at the British Museum sometime, make sure to pick up one of those cool coins!


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