Its contest time yet again! We want you to design a new background for our website. Design the background to whatever you want as long as it is Percy Jackson themed. It can be movie or book based. The color can be whatever you choose! It can be pictures from the movies or books or it can be fan art! The design must be G rated which means no foul language, nudity/sexuality, and over the top violence. It must be suitable for display with any audience type. You can put your signature at the bottom if you like, but please no websites or usernames.

On our website is a template you can use to design the background. Click on it and save it to your computer. The green area is your safe area where you can put your designs. The red area will be hidden behind the posts, so you can keep this blank or you can put a design there as well if you want. The arrows show the width (1800px) and height (1125px).

Submit your background design to or by posting it on our Facebook page ( The submission deadline will be April 7th, 2013 at noon (12:00pm MST). The submissions then will be judged by Rebecca King.

Got any questions? Send us a message, email, or comment on our website. Have fun!

Percy Jackson Halloween Contest! More ways to win!

Percy Jackson Movies is having its first ever, Percy Jackson Halloween Contest! Submissions deadline is this October 20th, 2012.  This contest is relatively easy to win! All you have to do is dress up as your favorite Percy Jackson character and try to look alike or imagine what that character looks like and send it in.

We’ve added another way to become a winner! To spread the news, share this picture with your friends on Facebook or tweet this post tagging us in it (@percyjacksonmov) and we will give you an automatic additional 5 votes towards your submission increasing your chances to win!

Click on the link for more info!

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